Clinical Simulation & Professional Development

We are committed to providing quality educational training through the availability of various skills labs, simulation experiences and certified courses. Our facilities and resources are available to our residency programs, affiliated partners and by special arrangement. We offer certification and recertification courses, skills lab and various high fidelity simulation. Our personnel offer services such as curriculum development, course development, e-learning, skills training, teaching and simulation design, scenario building, programming and operating. Simulation occurs in the simulation center and within our hospital system.

Spectrum Health resident and fellowship programs may contact our office to arrange services. Others interested in scheduling training activities may contact our office to discuss your needs and obtain a schedule of fees.

Our multidisciplinary training facility features nine multipurpose simulation labs and two lecture rooms. It is located at 945 Ottawa Avenue NW in Grand Rapids. The simulation labs provide state of the art simulation equipment including high fidelity infant, child and adult simulators as well as many task trainers. We are equipped with TraumaMan simulators, laparoscopic trainers, ultra sound training phantoms and ultrasound equipment.