Ambulatory Services 

Patients who need specialty outpatient services can be scheduled to see a nurse for care at SHZCH.  Services are scheduled 24 hours in advance and can be one time only visits or serial visits.  Physicians who have access to EPIC can complete the therapy plan or smart set orders and make referrals to the SHZH Ambulatory TX CTR  department/location.  Physicians that do not have access can fax orders to the ATU @ 616.748.3631.  If the ordering physician is not a credentialed provider at SHZCH, the ATU RN will work with the provider to make arraignments with our Hospitalist team for medical oversight for the RN.  In these situations an H&P is also required to accompany the orders for care.  

Services provided at the SHZH Ambulatory TX CTR location include:  

  • Port blood draw/maintenance
  • PICC line insertion/maintenance
  • Blood transfusion /products
  • Injections
  • IV infusions/medications/hydration
  • Iron replacement
  • Steroid infusions
  • Colony Stimulating Factor medications-Neupogen
  • Radicava Infusion- ALS 
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy
  • Monthly Foley care/maintenance