Diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in  early 2015, Marilyn Hansen is grateful for her Spectrum Health United Hospital experience. Her treatment—including a hysterectomy and a double mastectomy—was exceptional. But maybe more important was the care she received. “Everyone just covered me with compassion and love.” Today, Marilyn is immensely thankful. She wants women to hear her story and know the importance of early detection in life-saving care—which begins with a simple annual mammogram. 

Gain peace of mind.

If you’re 40 or older, a yearly mammogram is part of a healthy routine. As a certified Betty Ford Breast Care Services center, we offer the latest tomosynthesis 3D imaging technology—capable of finding signs of breast cancer that other mammograms may miss. With our personable team of caregivers and easy-access location close to you, we make it easy to gain peace of mind.