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Helping the Whole You 

Helping the Whole You is a free series taught by medical and business professionals to help you and your loved ones live a happier and healthier life. Sessions are offered each spring and fall in both Big Rapids and Reed City. Topics range from physical and mental health to home and family life.

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Fall 2019 Sessions 

Internet Safety
September 18 in Big Rapids
September 19 in Reed City
Register Here: https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/HTWYSept2019

Nutrition as We Age
October 16 in Big Rapids
October 17 in Reed City
Register Here: https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/HTWYOct2019

Dealing with Dementia
November 20 in Big Rapids
November 21 in Reed City
Register Here: https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/HTWYNov2019