About our Service

Our smoking cessation class is a free, 4 - week series,  focused on evidence-based tips and tools to help you quit smoking. Learn more about the safety of the emerging tobacco products and smoking alternatives available on the market. Facilitated by Libby Stern, LMSW, a nationally certified tobacco addiction specialist who is also a former smoker, the program will help you develop a quit plan and find the motivation and skills you need to stop tobacco once and for all.

How Else Can We Support You?

If you have an educational need outside of these offerings, we are happy to discuss your interests. You or your clients also may be interested in subscribing to Health Beat at spectrumhealthbeat.org for the latest tips, expert insights and news you can use to keep healthy and well.

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View and register for an upcoming Quit 101 Smoking Cessation Class below. For more information or to talk to the Healthier Communities Professional Development and Training team call  616.391.3310.