Keynote and Workshop Descriptions

Keynote Presentation

Life After Quarantine: Dealing with the Trauma of Transitioning Back Into Community
Dr. Bernice Patterson

This presentation will examine the trauma and challenges associated with reentering society and community post quarantine. Attendees will learn the signs of trauma and tips and techniques to effectively cope.

Keynote Presentation

We Need Humor Now More Than Ever
Honorable Sara J. Smolenski, J.D.

Humor has always been necessary to keep balance in our lives. Now more than ever with these unprecedented times, our feelings of fear, anger, sadness, anxiousness, stress, and other feelings, we need to find the balance and bring humor into our lives more intentionally.

Judge Smolenski will share stories and experiences of real-life situations that show how humor can help bring us hope. Humor helps release stress and allows us to achieve a healthy balance in our lives.

Workshop Presentations

Active Supervision for CHWs: More than Managing People
Celeste Sanchez Lloyd

During this presentation, I will share my lessons learned as a CHW supervisor examining how leadership influences the outcomes of a CHW Program. We will discuss the opportunities and consistencies in managing CHW’s effectively and the benefits of engaging and supporting staff, as well as the importance of selfcare for Supervisors and CHWs.

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Sarah Zuidema, LMSW

The training will describe the striking linkage between Adverse Childhood Experiences and subsequent adult illness such as chronic disease, and behavioral issues which is affirmed by neurological and epigenetic research. The training will help attendees recognize and understand behaviors that exemplify ACEs by building awareness to help them in their work to assist families build resilience to ACEs. The cumulative effects of ACEs reflect a powerful opportunity for PREVENTION—no matter if you are working to prevent heart disease, cancer, homelessness, hopelessness, improve business profitability or reduce interactions with law enforcement

CHW Check-In Strategies for CHWs for Better Work Performance
Laura Bahena, CHW

In this workshop the CHW will learn specific strategies to provide the best approaches for excellent customer service. We will also explore preserving the CHW authenticity while keeping work guidelines as well as preventing burnout or getting locked into a one-way approach.

Keys to Successful and Lasting Lifestyle Change
Leanne Mauriello, PH.D. and Libby Stern, LMSW, NCTPP

This presentation focuses on the relationship between lifestyle behaviors and overall health and well-being. We will review 10 key principles of successful and lasting behavior change and ways to adopt them for the lifestyle change you desire or for supporting your clients or patients. The presenters will also discuss how behavioral science principles can be incorporated into client engagement, communications, and follow-up.

Managing Unconscious Bias in Our Work
Denise Evans, MM, MA

This interactive workshop will help individuals understand how unconscious biases impact our perceptions and decision making. We will examine practical ways to improve intercultural effectiveness, explore levels of self-awareness and begin to unpack the effect they have on our perceptions. We will also discover the aspects of culture we value and the real-world effects that our values and biases have on our personal and institutional interactions, effectiveness with our clients, and our overall performance.

Mandated Reporter
Michael Lhamon

In this workshop, the participants will get a general overview of mandated reporting, the Child Protective Law (CPL), and the MDDHS reporting process including all procedures and their importance. The workshop will conclude with guiding the participants through recognizing signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect.

Janée A. Tyus, MPH

This presentation will provide an update on the status of the organization and our activities related to CHWs. I will also describe opportunities and the advocacy we have been participating in and share resource information and Registry updates from our perspective.

The Inner You: Develop the Blueprint to Personal and Professional Growth
Belinda Cunningham

The trajectory of CHW’s personal development works in company with professional growth — so if you want to progress in your career, develop personally first. Developing a personal and professional blueprint will enable you to handle your fears, take on more responsibility, and succeed with greater challenges. Gain new skills and experiences related to your current role or the role you want to do next.