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Keynote Presentation

Community Health Workers: Bridge Over Troubled Waters During These Challenging Times
Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, M.D., M.S.
Community Health Workers (CHWs) have a unique opportunity to connect the community to health systems, programs available to address social determinants of health, and build trust. We will explore how CHWs have found ways to navigate the waters of change during a pandemic to meet the needs of their clients. We will also discuss the importance of self-care to stay healthy and focused.


Keynote Presentation

The Three Jewels of CHW: Diversity, Empowerment and Resilience
Roberto Dansie, PhD
During this presentation, we will identify the three areas of impact of CHW: Diversity – with Cultural Wisdom –, Empowerment – with Science of Hope – and Resiliency – with Positive Psychology.



Breaking Bias: 5 Strategies to Fight Unconscious Bias
Erik Fermin, LMSW, MPA
What is bias? Do I, have it? What makes it unconscious? And if it is unconscious, what can I do about it? In this session, we will explore the processes behind unconscious bias, and practice 5 strategies to fight it.

CHW Panel: Strategies and Techniques CHW’s Are Using in Today’s World
Shelly Armock, CHW; Michael Anderson,CHW; William Burress, AA, BS; and Natalia Palma, CHW
This workshop will feature four CHWs discussing strategies they have found effective in serving their communities during a pandemic.

Lifestyle Medicine for Community Resilience
Dr. Kristi Artz, MD, dipABLM & Krista Gast, RD, CHWC
Now more than ever, a focus on the clinical application of lifestyle as medicine can support our communities as we move through the era of COVID. Join Dr. Kristi Artz and Registered Dietitian Krista Gast to explore the healing potential of applying food as medicine to promote greater health and resilience in our community.

Maximizing Mental Wellness: Strategies to Support Self and Others
Enid Gaddis, MA, LPC
It is time to embrace mental health from the perspective of WELLNESS rather than illness.  Maintaining mental wellness is an integral part of self-care for health care professionals and for those we serve. In this session participants will explore how to design and develop a mental wellness and self-care mindset to support self-compassion, personal growth and healthy relationships. Strategies shared during the session are designed for personal use and can also be shared with clients.   

Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance Current State Conversation
Porsche Fisher, MA, MS
Join Porsche Fisher, Education and Registry Manager from MiCHWA, for an overview of MiCHWA, ongoing projects and strategic priorities for the next year.  CHW registry, workgroup updates and conversation will be included.

Overdose Prevention and Response Utilizing Narcan®
Megan Rocha-Adams, BS
Participants in this workshop will be able to analyze the harm reduction model and stigma related to substance use disorders, define overdose, describe risk factors and prevention methods to overdose and recognize and respond to an opioid overdose utilizing the 3 A’s approach and naloxone hydrochloride (Narcan®)

Reducing Health Disparities Amongst Refugee and Immigrant Communities with the Use of CHWs
Dilli Gautam, MPH
I will discuss the important role that CHWs play in creating equitable healthcare services amongst immigrant and refugee communities by bridging the cultural, medical, and health literacy barrier.

Vaping in the New Age
Lisa Knight, BS, MAML
I will present to participants on the historical perspective of Tobacco, it is initiation into modern culture and the changes in emerging vape products. We will discuss the latest research and implications on Black and Brown communities.

Virtual Care: New Future for Caring for Our Clients
Natalia Palma, CHW
This presentation will talk about the benefits and barriers of doing virtual visits on video visit platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans or others. Explore ways to invite your clients into the virtual world. Empower clients to discover strengths while learning to navigate through virtual visits.

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