What is a mammogram worth?

To your loved ones, it's worth everything. Schedule yours today. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth


A Mammogram is Worth it

It’s commonly acknowledged, women are the first to take care of everyone around them – whether it’s their friends, co-workers or families. That’s why it’s especially important that women take care of themselves. In October, we remind women how much they are loved when we remind them to get an annual screening mammogram. Breast cancer will affect one in every eight women in their lifetime, but when detected early, breast cancer can be treated with higher success.

Taking Care of Your Health Helps Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s a good time for women to take stock of their health. That means not feeling guilty for the extra time or effort it takes to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, relax a bit and get regular health screenings – like a mammogram. Making lifestyle changes is one way to lower your risk.

Spectrum Health Multispecialty Breast Cancer Care

At Spectrum Health, we focus on the latest breast cancer treatments, therapies and technologies. Our multispecialty approach to cancer care means a team of experts come together to focus in on a patient’s specific case. We are also leading the way in helping patients navigate their needs with care support teams – and offer services like curbside care for some needs so that our patients can be comfortable during this difficult time.

Additional Resources for Women

Spectrum Health is dedicated to helping women experience better health. Our new Women’s Health and Wellness Center brings together a broad range of services and specialists and to make health appointments connected and efficient. Many sources of help are available online through our wellness library.

Our lifestyle medicine specialty practice can help women (and men) get back on track with their health through a program that offers lifestyle changes. These changes have also been proven to help manage should you or someone you love ever has to face a cancer diagnosis.

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