Family Commitment To Giving Translates Into New Services

Thanks to the Jack and Mary DeWitt family, patients now have access to specialty and cancer care in Zeeland, Michigan. The art of giving in the DeWitt family is generational. Jack’s parents, Marvin and Jerene DeWitt, began the legacy of using their gifts to bless many organizations, including Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital’s Administrative Professional Building. “We are blessed to be a blessing to our community and look for opportunities to give back,” said Jack DeWitt. Some of these opportunities present themselves through personal experiences.

Jack and Mary’s daughter Jacqueline Curtiss (DeWitt), is a cancer survivor, so when the opportunity to bring cancer services to Zeeland presented itself, the DeWitt family led the fundraising efforts with the initial gift. “We watched our daughter fight and beat cancer,” said Jack. “We want our community hospital to continue to improve and grow. We know Zeeland families will benefit from being part of a larger health care system, and in this case, a part of the Spectrum Health Cancer Center. When we are sick, we want to be close to home.”

The DeWitt family demonstrates commitment in their philanthropy, but also in their extraordinary zeal in their gift of time. Jack and Mary, and their children have served on various local boards. An example is Jack and Mary’s daughter Laurie Wierda (DeWitt), who is serving as a member of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation Board. The DeWitts have two grandchildren who needed the specialty services at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. “One grandchild experienced seizures and was taken by Aero Med Spectrum Health and the other had an unusual and rare diagnosis,” said Jack. “I am reminded how fortunate we are to have these services here in West Michigan. We want to support our community through our giving and humbly give to Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.” 

The foundation honors the DeWitt family for sharing their blessings and supporting our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve through philanthropy.