When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Do you know the one thing that can improve respiration, lower blood pressure, improve cardiac output, reduce heart rate and relaxed muscle tension? Music can. Envision therapeutic singing, songwriting, adapted guitar and piano lessons, music-assisted relaxation and recording projects. Some are upbeat and exciting while others are calm and relaxing. These are the basics of music therapy.

Music therapy is changing the way we can provide holistic services to our patients to treat the whole person. Our music therapist, Bridget Sova, works with our children as they undergo painful procedures, provide distraction for ongoing pain and to create a more child-like and fun atmosphere. She also provides ways for children and teens to express their feelings experimenting with instruments and through song writing. Bridget helps families facing the most tragic of circumstances. She will record the heartbeats of a child who is not going to survive and adds music to the recording to make a keepsake memory for the family.

As you might imagine, music therapy is not a service that is reimbursed by insurance. That is why your gift is
so valuable.