Ready to get started but unsure how to?  Follow the steps below to start planning your event.  Download the checklist for more descriptions and a print off version to keep track of where you are at!

  1. Develop a Plan

  2. Brainstorm

  3. Set a Goal

  4. Establish Details

  5. Develop a budget

  6. Submit Your Event:

     Submit your event here
  7. Promote Your Event

  8. Create a Fundraising Page: 

    Visit team up for kids page to get started. 
  9. Conduct Your Fundraiser

  10. Wrap-Up Your Event

  11. Give Thanks
  12. Consider Making Your Fundraiser Annual

All individual checks made payable to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation may receive a tax receipt and acknowledgement in accordance with Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations.  

All proceeds can be mailed to: 
Attn: Caring Kids Coordinator 
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation
100 Michigan Street NE, MC004
Grand Rapids, MI 49503