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F.A.Q Caring Kids Program

Thank you for choosing Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to receive the proceeds from your organization’s charitable event.  Events such as yours are a vital source of funds for us, helping us to ensure that our patients and families have access to high-quality care.

Q: Can event organizers use the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation logo?
A: Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital logo is a registered trademarks and cannot legally be reproduced without permission from the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Please contact your foundation representative to obtain permission and the appropriate logo.

Q: Can event organizers use the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation name?
A: Yes, promotional materials that use the Hospitals’ names must use the terms “…proceeds to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation.” Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation is the beneficiary, rather than sponsor, of all fundraising projects and events. Therefore, our name cannot be used as such: “Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital 5K Run” or “Helen DeVos’ Fashion Show” as examples.

Q: Can event organizers request a hospital representative at an event?
A:   We cannot guarantee a hospital representative will be available.  While we would love to attend each fundraising event, please understand that the volume of requests exceeds our available staff.  Events that will receive greater consideration are those that raise $5,000 and above. You may want to consider inviting a family from your community to share their hospital experience.

Q: Can event organizers serve alcohol at an event?
A: If you wish to dispense alcohol at your event, you must hire a licensed alcoholic beverage bartender. All required licenses and/or permits must be obtained by the event organizer. More information can be found at  The foundation cannot apply for any licensing on your behalf.

Q: Can organizers conduct a raffle at an event?
A: We recommend conducting an auction as opposed to a raffle due to the complex gaming laws in the state of Michigan.  We can provide you with a list of these laws. 

Q: What is the charitable portion of my ticket sales?
A: The I.R.S. requires that all tickets, invitations or entry forms state what portion of the contribution is tax deductible.  If donors will receive a product or service in exchange for their donation, subtract the value (whether or not it is donated) of the product or service from the contribution.  The remaining amount is tax deductible.  For example, the written materials could state: “The portion of the payment for each ticket which is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited under the federal tax laws to the excess of the payment over the value of the goods or services provided to a person attending this event.  We estimate that the value of goods and services provided to each person attending will be $___.  The amount of your payment that is deductible for federal tax purposes is $___ ($___ per ticket).”

Q:  Will donors receive a tax receipt for their donation?
A: Please provide appropriate accounting of the donations, including name, address and telephone number.  Donations of $XX or more written to the Spectrum Health Foundation or Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation that include the name and full address of the donor will receive a tax receipt.  Donors cannot deduct as a charitable contribution amounts paid to purchase an auction item below the Fair Market Value or to buy a raffle ticket.

Q: Can event organizers request Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation tax ID and W-9?
A: Yes, our Tax ID # is 38-2752328.  Requests for a completed W9 form can be sent to Devin Pierson at 

Q: Does the Foundation cover event expenses?
A: All expenses are the responsibility of the project/event organizer.  Event expenses must be less than fifty percent (50%) of the total raised and must be turned in to the Foundation within 60 calendar days of the event date.  If the event expenses are greater than the total collected, the group holding the event is responsible for the additional expenses.

Q: Can event organizers direct the proceeds from an event to a specific area of the hospital?
A: If you would like to designate your donation to a specific area of the hospital, please indicate that when delivering your donation.  If you do not indicate a specific area of the hospital where you’d like to direct your funds, all donations will be directed to support the greatest need.  

Q:  Where do event organizers send the donation after an event?
A: Please send gifts to:
Attn: Devin Pierson
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation
100 Michigan Street NE, MC004
Grand Rapids, MI  49503

Please send your donation within 30 days of your event. Do not send cash in the mail. Checks should be made payable to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Credit cards are accepted on our donation page or you can set up your own online giving page where you can invite friends and family to support your fundraising efforts at Team Up!