2017 Foundation Award Recipients

Art of Giving Award Recipients: Bill and Janice Currie

Bill and Janice Currie are passionate about family, education and health care. They value what makes our community vibrant and caring. Bill and Janice believe in giving back their time, talent and treasures to support those passions. Their contributions encompass all of Spectrum Health and impact the lives of the patients and families we serve. 

Janice serves as a member of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees where she participates in many fundraising efforts on behalf of the children’s hospital. When Janice joined the foundation board, she stated, “Philanthropy not only involves financial gifts; it also includes giving of your time and talents. I am excited and honored to be part of the board and help build the programs necessary to keep our children close to home for care. When you spend time at the children’s hospital, you see the dedication of the doctors, nurses and volunteers. I am proud to be an ambassador for them and their patients as I work with fellow board members to generate ongoing support for the children’s hospital.” 

Bill chairs the gala fundraising committee. During his years as the chair of the gala fundraising committee, the gala has increased its revenue total, and surpassed the $1 million (net) mark in 2017, further demonstrating his leadership and commitment to the community. Bill is also an active and faithful member of the children’s hospital board committee. He is always prepared and shares his insights from a business perspective. He is passionate about meeting the needs of children and families by providing the highest level of care in a compassionate and effective manner. 

In 2006, Bill and Janice provided a gift for the capital campaign for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, sponsoring a wing in The Gerber Foundation Neonatal Center. When asked about the motivation for their gift, they said, “Every newborn is a priceless gift deserving of health care excellence. As a community that cares about children of all ages, West Michigan has come together to establish this premier facility where every baby born receives the best possible start in life. Our family is greatly blessed to be able to support this beautiful space in the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as an essential resource for all families with newborns, today and for decades to come.” In 2014, they jointly chaired the Spectrum Health Foundation Gala, which raised more than $718,000 for pediatric research. 

Bill and Janice continue to exemplify the art of giving through their support of the gala, other campaign efforts, and helping to support an endowment for excellence at the children’s hospital to provide funding in perpetuity. 

Bill and Janice Currie’s generosity will continue to make an impact for generations to come, and we are proud to award them with the 2017 Art of Giving Award.

Art of Giving Award