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Catch a Bandit

The "Change Bandits" are on the loose again, looking to 'steal' a few of your coins...

One of the most effective methods of fundraising in retail locations is the use of the simple change canister. In fact, Speedway, who raises more money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals than any other partner, raises the vast majority of their funds through change canisters. 

Canisters come in all shapes and sizes and this past year they started looking like piggy banks. Change Bandits are what we call these piggy banks - have been decorated by current and former patients along with friends and family of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. With beautiful colorings, themes, and bedazzlement's these canisters are conversation starters that open the door to conversations with your customers about your involvement in the community.

In the past year, nearly 200 piggy banks have been placed in various businesses through West, Northern, and Southwest Michigan. 

Autumn, from Rivertown Credit Union, was so enthusiastic about this new program that she secured 10 piggy banks for her locations. 

Please note that these change canisters are available as we receive them from artistic children staying the hospital so there may be some delay between request and placement.