Enhancing Perinatal Care in Our Community

The infant mortality rate in the United States, and even here in West Michigan, has increased over the last 10 years and is just too high. The CenteringPregnancy® program—our Gala 2017 fundraising beneficiary can improve maternal and infant mortality rates, and save the lives of mothers and babies by addressing premature birth rates here and now. Spectrum Health delivers babies—LOTS of babies. Last year, we had nearly 8,000 births. Yet many moms do not receive appropriate prenatal and postnatal care. Care that will help them have a healthy baby.

The CenteringPregnancy® program is a “small group” approach to prenatal care for expecting mothers. By connecting pregnant women with clinicians and other women in the group, participants are encouraged by the staff leaders and their peers to seek proper care when needed, follow recommendations, and engage in activities that will help ensure a healthy birth.

Funding for Gala 2017 will be used to enhance and expand the program. Because the program also addresses health inequalities through greater access to care, we will better serve the mothers and babies at greatest risk. Addressing premature births through the CenteringPregnancy® program is helping us reach our goal of saving lives and improving the health of mothers and babies. Please join us—your generosity will transform the lives and health of expecting mothers and babies throughout West Michigan.