Pioneering Lifesaving Technology

Spectrum Health performs the most heart procedures in the state.  The complexity of health care increases every day. With the rapid pace of information and the exponential growth of medical knowledge, our physicians, clinicians, medical staff and research scientists are using advanced technologies in many of our treatment plans. You have a special opportunity  to help fund the Jacob and Lois Mol Cardiovascular Simulation Center. The center will allow physicians and medical teams to practice complex procedures and surgeries and test out new medical devices and equipment in an environment that poses zero risk to our patients. 

You can best understand this simulation center in comparison with pilot training. Computer data modeling and simulations made “Sully” Sullenberger successful. When encountering crises, he had worked through similar situations in computer simulations hundreds of time before performing the real thing. Physicians and surgeons should have the same advantage, and the cardiovascular simulation center will provide this opportunity. 

Your donations will:
  • Support the training of physicians and clinicians through innovative simulations, especially for complex procedures, reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes
  • Lead innovation at Spectrum Health by providing new technology  and leading edge treatments available to our West Michigan communities
  • Provide hands-on experience and on-site workshops to local schools, business and community organizations  

Your Help is Needed

The cost to fund the CV Sim Center is $3.1 million, including renovation and equipment. Would you please consider helping to create this innovative center that will impact lives now and in the future?