Important Information

This year, only the party is being cancelled. The need for funding is greater than ever. The money raised by Gala 2020 will fund our advancements in genomics. This is especially relevant today, as Dr. Caleb Bupp, Spectrum Health division chief of medical genetics and genomics, explains:

"Healthcare has never been so personal as right now, every person on the planet is concerned about the same disease at the same time. We know that COVID-19 affects individuals differently. We are currently doing genetic sequencing for patients who are COVID-19 positive to help us understand why some people get so sick and others do not. Understanding our personal genetics and genomics is important in analyzing many diseases and guiding care for our community."

With all of this in mind, we ask you consider still giving a gift to support this program. Your gift is fully tax deductible, and 100% will be allocated to developing our genetics and genomics capabilities. By doing this, you will be changing and saving lives. We will keep you informed on the impact of the Gala funds in advancing this work.

Genomics will provide answers. It ends uncertainty and suffering.

With your support, you will:

  • Increase patient access to genetics and genomics care
  • Decrease wait time for patients to be evaluated
  • Expand genetic testing capabilities
  • Enrich patient care in meaningful and measurable ways