Integrity Is Our Guide

At Spectrum Health, our motto is "integrity is our guide." Simply put, Spectrum Health is committed to doing what's right by complying with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures. The Office of Organizational Integrity/Compliance program strives to foster a culture that encourages this commitment and is responsive to the needs of patients, employees and other constituents. Spectrum Health values the relationships that it has developed with suppliers and business associates and expects them to support our commitment to "integrity is our guide." It is therefore important that all suppliers respect the laws and the cultures within which Spectrum Health operates.

We place the utmost importance on the observance of the principles of our Code of Excellence and expect all with whom we do business to conduct themselves accordingly. All suppliers will be held accountable for their actions, and violations of the law or of the policies and principles of Spectrum Health will not be excused or tolerated. Likewise, it is our policy to investigate any suspected violation of the law, and if the conclusion is that a possible violation has occurred, Spectrum Health will take the appropriate steps. It is also the policy of Spectrum Health to fully cooperate with any government investigation into alleged violations.

Please review the Spectrum Health policies and procedures contained within this page. Some of the policies are fairly general, while others relate to more specific areas. You are expected to understand and abide by these policies, rules and regulations as they apply to the services that you provide.

For questions concerning supplier compliance at Spectrum Health, contact the office of organization integrity: 616.486.2430.

Spectrum Health Policies

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Code of Excellence
The Prevention and Detection of Fraud, Waste and Abuse 
Gifts/Business Courtesies
Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Supplier Representatives Policy 
Anti-Harassment Policy
Notice to Third Parties

For documents and policies specific to other Spectrum Health locations, including Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital, Spectrum Health United Memorial and Spectrum Health Continuing Care, please ask your management contact at the respective location.