If you experience a potential problem when logging into Cognition:

  • Verify the user’s Login ID
  • Verify that the user is registered in the system
    • Select ‘New Users’
    • Select ‘Here to Begin’
    • After establishing a password and secret question, the user will be able to login


*Please be aware that the program must be run from a PC or Mac computer.*

In an effort to gather more information surrounding potential issues occurring in the courseware, the following information should be discovered and sent to Reflection Software:

  • Ask the user if they completely exited the course and Learning Management System (LMS), and then re-entered and experienced the same issue. If they haven’t, ask them to verify that the issue is re-occurring.
  • If the issue is repeating in occurrence, please gather the following information and send to Reflection Software:
    • The date and time the user was taking the module
    • The user’s ID and user name in the system
    • The module name that the user was in when the issue occurred
    • Location in the module of where the issue is occurring
    • Flash Player
      • To gain the Flash Player information, right click within the courseware. A pop-up will appear, and have the user select ‘About Adobe Flash Player.’ This will direct them to the Adobe site, where the full version number will be shown.
    • Browser Type and Version
      • Ask the user what browser they are using – Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, etc.
      • Have the user obtain the version for that browser. Every browser is slightly different, below we’ve listed how to find the browser version for three common browser types:
        • IE – Go to ‘Help,’ then ‘About Internet Explorer’
        • Firefox – Go to ‘Help’, then ‘About Firefox’
        • Chrome - Go to ‘About Google Chrome’
    • Ask the user if they have any other applications running – if so, what are they?
    • Are there any other behaviors, information, screenshots, etc. that the user can provide?
      • The more information that we have from the user regarding what they are doing or what they were trying to do when the issue occurred, will assist us in troubleshooting on our end