Music Therapy Program Internship

Music Therapy Professional Opportunities, Internship Program

The Edward and June Prein Family Music Therapy Program is pleased to offer a music therapy internship. We strive to offer students a wide variety of experiences within the hospital setting, as well as a solid understanding of the music therapy profession. We are only able to accept students with a college affiliation at this time.

Student Internship Program

Our 1,040-hour internship is offered in two sessions, starting in June and January. Students will receive hands on experience to prepare them for success in the field of music therapy. Along with the significant time spent observing and conducting music therapy treatment, the student will also complete reading and writing assignments, attend in-services and participate in simulations. The internship is a full-time experience (40 hours a week) and requires students that have completed all coursework in a music therapy bachelor’s or master’s degree program at an accredited university. Please see the internship application for further requirements.

 Internship Start Date Application Due Date
January 5
January August 5