International Scholar Research Fellowship Application

There is no application form. Follow the steps below to complete the International Scholar Fellowship application. Email one packet containing all of the completed documents, the complete application, to:

Application packet contents:

  1. One page research plan, including brief statement of aims, background and the contemplated approaches to methodology and data.
  2. Applicant’s current curriculum vitae.
  3. One letter of reference supporting the applicant’s qualifications for the fellowship. Letters of reference are in addition to the one page research plan.
  4. The research mentor must practice medicine or surgery at one or more Spectrum Health hospitals or possess a PhD and participate in research at Spectrum Health.
  5. The appropriate MSU CHM Chair will provide oversight of the fellow.
  6. The appropriate MSU CHM Chair will provide a letter of recommendation.
  7. The primary mentor will provide a letter in support of the applicant. The letter should include:
    1. How the proposed research fits into the mentor’s research program.
    2. Attestation the mentor will complete all documents required for a J-1 visa application with GRMEP Human Resources department.
    3. The mentor’s proposed time commitment to the supervision and training of the applicant.
    4. Proposed mentor’s curriculum vitae.
    5. Mentor-completed ECFMG English Attestation.
    6. Mentor documentation of funding to cover all MSU CHM, GRMEP and Spectrum Health fees for the International Scholar.
    7. Mentor attests to understanding the fellowship will be research only with no provision of clinical services.
    8. Documentation of any additional arrangements for formal course work including: epidemiology, biostatistics, study design, data analysis, and ethics beyond that provided by the GRMEP Research Department.