History:  Recently diagnosed Hodgkin's Lymphoma. For initial staging.


  1. Findings compatible with patient's known lymphoma involving the lymph nodes above the thoracic hemidiaphragms. No enlarged or hypermetabolic lymph nodes are seen below the hemidiaphragm.
  2. Mild diffuse increase in the bone marrow activity especially involving the spinal vertebral bodies. Bone marrow involvement is suspected as described above.
  3. Stable tiny nodule in the right lung middle lobe. The left lower lobe nodule is not well visualized.
  4. Small cysts in the right adnexa are likely functional ovarian cysts and can be better evaluated with ultrasound of the pelvis, if indicated.
  5. A small hypermetabolic nodule involving the right lobe of the thyroid gland. Further evaluation with ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsy is suggested.
Clinical Utility:  In comparison to morphologic imaging with contrast-enhanced CT, metabolic imaging with FDG PET shows a higher specificity for disease staging (February 2006 Radiology, 238, 405-422.)