At Our Best

At Our Best

Be Your Best at Spectrum Health

Being "at our best" is an approach to living and working. It encourages us to be all we can at all times. Being at our best not only benefits our patients, families, members and community―it benefits us as individuals and colleagues.

At Spectrum Health, working at our best is an important organizational focus. It encourages employees to demonstrate core values, be more engaged, and be open and willing to work through change.

At Our Best: Our Culture

Spectrum Health embraces a culture that encourages employees to be at our best every day we come to work.  As we transform the health care model and develop the best patient experience possible, we need all of us dedicated to improving outcomes and encouraging excellence.

Inclusion & Diversity 

Spectrum Health is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace for our employees. We recognize that a diverse team is imperative for delivering culturally appropriate care to our patients, members and families.