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In-home, same-day access to care*

Spectrum Health’s new in-home, same-day care option offers convenient, affordable care for mild to moderate conditions.

Why should I choose in-home, same-day care?

Getting to the doctor isn’t always easy. Whether it be travel, time or other commitments, seeing a doctor takes time from your day-to-day schedule. Now, with in-home care, you can choose to have a Spectrum Health provider come to your home to deliver care, answer your questions and provide you with follow-up instructions.

The best part? You’ll pay the same as you would for a typical primary care office visit*.

What should I expect during my in-home visit?

A Spectrum Health provider will come to your home to provide you with care, the same day you call for an appointment. During your visit you can expect the provider to:

  • Assess and treat your condition
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Provide you with next steps and follow-up care instructions

Providers coming to your home will have a name badge in plain sight. We follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients and medical team. We may have patients go through certain screening prior to their appointment and ask them as well as their family members to take certain precautions, such as wearing a mask, during their visit.

When should I use in-home care?

In-home care is great for mild to moderate conditions such as:


Patients who have used in-home, same-day care are saying:

“Hands down overly impressed and pleased with the service, care and communication. Everything was very well done. Provider was very professional. I was taken aback at first because I was not expecting this type of service.”

“I was surprised it was so easy – I didn't believe this was an offering. Was amazing. I can't bring kids in with to my appointments. The team coming to me was awesome.”

“I would have waited 3 to 4 days to see a doctor. But this team came to my house in one day. The team was great - very personable, kind, patient and were not in a hurry. I can’t say more wonderful things about them.”

*We are proud to bring this new offering to you. As we learn from patients with this in-home, same-day care experience, we will be offering it for a  limited time as a pilot, as we continue to evolve.