We specialize in helping relieve your pain. We offer multiple treatment options including same-day joint replacement. You can call our team to schedule an appointment and be in and out of surgery on the same day of the procedure. Start living pain free. We’re ready for you.

Patient Stories

Antonio, Tom, Paul and Samantha share their stories about how Spectrum Health’s personalized approach to orthopedic care helped them get back to living their lives pain-free.

  • antonio-interior-news

    After a motorcycle accident I thought I would never ride again. The pain was too much. After undergoing hip replacement surgery, I had less pain and was ready to get back to riding again.

    “After my hip replacement, I had less pain. I was finally ready to get back to riding my bike like it never happened.” Read more about my story.

  • tom-interior-news

    I’m an avid runner who suffered from arthritis. I underwent a hip replacement surgery to relieve my chronic pain. After working with Spectrum Health’s orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, my hip feels better than ever before.

    “I waited too long to have surgery. My hip pain started affecting my knee, ankle and lower back from overcompensating. All of the pain went away after surgery.” Read more about my story.

  • paul-interior-news

    After years of living with chronic joint pain, I had a knee replacement surgery at Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital at age 60. Today, I get to enjoy an active lifestyle thanks to the team approach to care at Spectrum Health. 

    “I was so impressed with the team approach to my care. The operation itself was seamless and the extensive rehab after really made the difference for my smooth recovery.” Read more about my story.

  • samantha-interior-news

    At 50 years old, I had a knee replacement procedure. Spectrum Health’s orthopedic team performed the surgery and allowed me to get back to living pain-free.

    “Pain changes your whole being. When that’s gone, you see the world through different eyes.” Read more about my story.