Getting Started & Features

Login or Create an Account

If you do not have a MyChart account and previously did not have a MyHealth or Spectrum Health Now account, you can sign up here or by downloading the Spectrum Health app. 

If you previously had a MyHealth or Spectrum Health Now account, your health information and login information has been transferred over, and you will be able to simply login with your prior credentials to get started (either Spectrum Health Now or MyHealth credentials).

Schedule Visits

You can schedule, reschedule, or cancel in-person and video visits through the Spectrum Health app and MyChart.

To learn more about conducting on-demand video visits or scheduling video visits click here.

Spectrum Health App and MyChart Features

If you've been seen at more than one health care organization, you likely have multiple health records. MyChart lets you pull all your medical records together and view them in one place without needing to log in to separate patient portals. If you have a MyChart account with providers outside of Spectrum Health, you will also get messages, appointments (past and future), and test results for them as well.

We call this Happy Together.

When you connect your accounts from participating organizations, information from those organizations appears right in your MyChart, including: medications, allergies, health issues, and care team.

You can link your Spectrum Health MyChart account by going to “Share My Record” in your profile section. There, you’ll see the option to “Link your accounts.” Once you’ve linked your account, information brought in by “Happy Together” will be denoted with the symbol .

I don't see one of my healthcare organizations available to link. How do I add it?
Some organizations haven't activated Happy Together yet. Visit to see which organizations are already using Happy Together and which ones will be joining soon.

What if I do not recognize an organization that appears in my list of accounts?
You will see organizations where you have a medical record. Hover over "Why am I seeing this?" for more details about your last visit there.
Sometimes, the name of a healthcare organization might look familiar because:

  • A clinic where you've been seen might use a name that is different from the parent organization whose name appears in Happy Together.
  • A clinic might be part of a larger health care network with a name that's not used locally.
  • An organization where you were seen a long time ago might have changed its name since the last time you were seen there.

Share Everywhere enables you to share your medical information with anyone providing care for you. All they need is internet access.
Here’s what you – and anyone you choose to share your record with – will see:

  • A summary of your current health issues
  • A list of the medications you’re taking
  • Your medical history, such as past surgeries and conditions
  • A list of your test results and details about the results of each test.
  • A list of your recent appointments, and details about each visit

The provider can even leave a note in your chart that is visible to other members of your care team.
Here’s how you find and use Share Everywhere in MyChart:

  1. Go to the Share My Record activity in MyChart on the web or your Spectrum Health mobile app:

    MyChart Website ( Go to Health > Share My Record and select Give one-time access with Share Everywhere. Enter the name of the person who will be viewing your record and request the share code.

    Spectrum Health App: Tap the Share My Record activity on the home screen after you’ve logged in. Enter the name of the person who will be viewing your record and request the share code.

  2. Tell that person to go to to enter the code along with your date of birth.

Complete the check-in process from anywhere on your computer or mobile phone to save time by updating your demographics, insurance, medications, allergies, fill out questionnaires, sign consents, and authorize payment for your copay up to 10 days prior to your visit.

To use eCheck-in in MyChart:

  • Go to the Appointment Details page of an upcoming appointment.
  • Walk through the steps verifying or updating your information as needed. The information pulls into your chart automatically for providers/ staff to verify.

You can authorize payment of your copay within 10 days of your upcoming visits. Using eCopay saves you time by streamlining the copay collection process.

eCopay will be presented during the eCheck-In process for each specific appointment. Simply follow the instructions to authorize your copay amount. When you begin your video visit or arrive at the office for your in-person visit, the payment will then be processed.

You can place yourself on the waitlist to see your provider sooner than your scheduled appointment by using Fast Pass. You’ll receive an automatic alert if an earlier appointment becomes available.

You can add yourself to the waitlist when scheduling an appointment or by viewing the appointment details of a previously scheduled upcoming appointment.

Once you are added to the waitlist and an appointment becomes available, the system automatically alerts up to 5 patients that have been on the waiting list the longest. Be sure to reply as quickly as possible if the new appointment time works for your schedule to secure that slot.

MyChart allows patients and guarantors to pay medical bills online. You can also explore financial assistance and payment plans, allowing you to spread their payments over time to help in times of financial need.

You can find all billing information under the main Billing menu tab. Within the billing summary, you can view all accounts you are the guarantor for. From there, you can pay bills, make payment plans, request financial assistance, view estimates, etc.

Create your own estimate for 70 shoppable services through MyChart (can be used with or without an active MyChart account) in the Spectrum Health app or in our MyChart desktop experience. Estimates will be unique to you based on your insurance plan.

Click here to access MyChart Estimates.

If you don't find the service you're looking for, please contact a financial counselor at

Your provider writes notes after every appointment and reading them can be very helpful. Open Notes is a national initiative designed to give patients access to their provider’s notes in order to improve communication between patients and health professionals

What types of notes are provided?

  • History & Physical
  • Discharge Summary Notes
  • Consultation Notes
  • Emergency Department Notes
  • Progress Notes
  • Procedure Notes
  • Labor & Delivery Notes
  • Outpatient Provider Notes

Where can I see my visit notes?

Documents related to your health care experience are available through your MyChart account under “Appointments and Visits."