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A Celebration of You - On Saturday, July 14th, the All of Us Research Program held our West Michigan launch event at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Over 400 people pre-registered for this interactive event designed to inform, educate and engage guests in how their individual makeup benefits this research program. To date, Spectrum Health has nearly 5,000 people who have started enrollment and over  2,000 of those are fully enrolled participants. Nationally more than 100,000 people have begun the process with over 50,000 fully enrolled participants.

  National Launch of All of Us

All of Us kickoffMay 6 was the national launch for the All of Us Research Program. Events were held in seven major cities across the U.S. including Detroit, Chicago and New York City. 

Spectrum Health team members supported our colleagues from Henry Ford Health System and the National Institutes of Health to celebrate this momentous day at Ford Field. Special guests from the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons joined the fun. 

Watch the launch video from Ford Field.

News for All of Us

World's biggest puzzle - 1 million pieces
Once assembled, the All of Us Research Program could provide an unprecedented picture of health and wellness in the United States.

Program goals discussed on WZZM
Dave Chesla, Research Director, shares how the All of Us Research Program will lead to precision medicine.

Why nationwide research program seeks one million volunteers
It’s an ambitious goal: Recruit 1 million people to contribute their time and, in some cases, DNA toward a research project aimed at learning how to better treat diseases based on genetics, lifestyle and environment.

I entrusted my DNA to the NIH
The National Institutes of Health recently launched the All of Us Research Program to create one of the largest, richest public resources for biomedical research in human history.

Spectrum Health joins research initiative
Spectrum Health is taking part in executing a $1.45-billion federal project to enroll 1 million people in a 10-year study to benefit precision medicine.