Selecting an Insurance Plan

Shopping for health insurance? Make sure we’re in your plan. 

Think all health insurance is created equal? Think again. There are multiple plans available on the market, all with varying coverage levels. Before signing up for your health coverage, ask these important questions:

Can I keep my doctor?
Look carefully at the list of doctors. Some plans have a very limited network, which means you can only see specific doctors or go to specific hospitals. You can review which doctors are included on the list of providers on the health insurance exchange. Or check directly with the insurance company.

Is Spectrum Health in the plan?
If you like the excellent care and convenience of Spectrum Health hospitals, imaging services, labs and other care, be sure Spectrum Health is in the network you choose. If Spectrum Health isn’t listed, you’ll need to go elsewhere for treatment. See the list of providers on the health insurance exchange or ask the insurance company to be sure. 

This year, Priority Health is offering two narrow network plans that include Spectrum Health: Spectrum Health Partners for individuals and West MI Partners for employer groups.

Which plans exclude Spectrum Health?
Spectrum Health facilities and physicians are not included in the following narrow network plans:

  • Blue Cross® Partnered
  • Humana Medical Plan of Michigan 

What’s the total cost, and what’s included?
Your monthly premium isn’t the only expense you should consider when shopping. Plans with the lowest monthly premiums may have a higher deductible, co-payment or cost-sharing percentage when you get care. Before choosing a plan, get out your calculator. Sometimes buying a plan with a higher monthly premium, but lower out-of-pocket expenses, is the better choice.

Some plans, including Priority Health, offer common services like doctor visits and prescription drugs before you have to pay toward the deductible. Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered before your deductible is met.