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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symposium


Wednesday, November 30


6:30 p.m.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death in the United States, claiming more lives than stroke, breast cancer and AIDS combined. Every single day more than 1,000 people die of SCA. SCA is the result of a problem in the heart’s electrical system that causes your heart to beat dangerously fast. If untreated, SCA will lead to death in minutes.

In most cases, SCA strikes without warning. There are no symptoms. Someone who experiences SCA may lose consciousness before he or she even knows what has happened.

On November 30, Spectrum Health will be hosting a free Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symposium at Prince Conference Center at Calvin College. To decrease the death toll from SCA, it is important for the community to understand what SCA is, what the warning signs are and how to respond to someone who may be having sudden cardiac arrest in hopes of preventing death from occurring. We want to continually educate our community in an effort to save lives.

For this event we will be partnering with the Wes Leonard Foundation to offer life-saving techniques in the event of SCA, like a hands-only CPR demonstration, sudden cardiac arrest practice drill and guidelines for creating an emergency response plan.

The symposium will not only educate, but empower our attendees to take this information back to their organizations, family and social circles and spread the word about the importance of knowing what to do in the event they find themselves in a situation involving Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We are encouraging people from local schools, churches and small businesses to attend.