Pregnancy Care

When It’s Time to Deliver

When labor contractions start, your first step is to call your obstetrician’s office to discuss your symptoms. Depending on what you’re experiencing, your doctor will recommend that you monitor your progress from the comfort of your home or recommend that you drive to The Women’s Center, at the corner of Ransom Avenue and Crescent Street.

Your first stop inside The Women’s Center will be maternity admitting. This means you don’t have to go through the emergency department. We are the only hospital in Grand Rapids to offer this level of convenience and care.

The Women’s Center entrance is open and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Expectant moms will be greeted and escorted to a dedicated area where our experienced nurses will assess you and your baby’s progress.

The expectant mom’s partner can pull up in the circle drive in front of The Women’s Center for drop off. Designated parking is available in Ramp 6 off Barclay Avenue for the expectant mom’s partner.

The maternity admitting team will figure out how far your labor has progressed and coordinate your health care team. We have an extensive staff of experienced doctors, midwives, nurse practitioners and nurses ready to assist you. You may stay in maternity admitting for several hours before moving to our private birthing suites in the labor and delivery area.

Construction Notice

Please be aware that if you are traveling to our medical center, you may experience a minor delay or detour due to road construction. We urge our patients, visitors and employees to add extra travel time as a result of the construction.

What to Expect in Maternity Admitting

  • We work with your doctor or doctor’s group. This may be done over the phone after you are seen by a nurse or a nurse practitioner.

  • We offer a variety of comfort measures. The options you choose to manage your labor discomfort are up to you. We offer offer pain control for mothers who choose not to have medication, including a whirlpool tub, birthing balls and warm blankets. We also offer pain relief through medications and epidurals. Our anesthesia staff and medical team can help you decide what’s right for you.

    If you have a birth attendant such as a doula, he or she—as well as your support person—may be present in your room. Waiting rooms are available for other family and friends. A television and reading materials are available.

  • Each woman will be treated according to her condition. This might mean that others may be seen or treated before you, due to their needs. You will always have a nurse assigned to you. Your nurse will check on or visit with you regularly throughout your time on our unit.

Am I in Labor?

  • Expert assessment upon arrival.  The maternity admitting team will communicate with your doctor, even if he or she is not able to be in the hospital.
  • Active labor or further evaluation. If you are in active labor or need further evaluation, you will be moved to a private suite in one of our labor and delivery units or other women’s services units. If your exam shows that you are in early labor, you may be discharged to the comfort of your home. A summary of the visit will be sent to your doctor so that he or she is aware of the care you received. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when your labor progresses again.
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