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Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Count on our continuum of care to keep your workplace healthy. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals includes providers, case managers, occupational and physical therapists and athletic trainers.

The goal: improve your employees’ performance, health and safety, and your bottom line by reducing lost work days and workers’ compensation costs.

Work Injury Services

Spectrum Health’s work injury services promote employee health and safety in the workplace. We offer injury prevention services, early intervention, symptom management, rehabilitation and return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

To provide the most reliable and valuable assessment of functional performance, we use the Physical Work Performance Evaluation by ErgoScience, which includes over 30 research-based tactics to determine capacity to perform various job tasks. Results are compared to the job demands.
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Rehabilitation - Return to Work

With our rehabilitation assistance, your employees gain the ability and confidence to return to their full capacity at work. As an employer, we’ll help you decrease indemnity and medical or workers’ compensation costs.

We provide employers:
  • Information to expedite return to work and appropriate job placement
  • Assistance with appropriate work restrictions
  • Communication with your insurance company or case manager on rehabilitation status
    • Available on-site at your location
    • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Activity-oriented Approach

Our return-to-work approach focuses on activity, known as work hardening, in conjunction with work conditioning and simulations to progressively challenge employees in their transition.
  • Available on-site at your location
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Athletic Trainers

Count on our athletic trainers for prevention advice and expert care to help your employees perform their best at work.

How Can an Athletic Trainer Help Your Company?

Most people think of an athletic trainer as someone who cares for athletes. Employees often suffer the same types of injuries as athletes, whether performing tasks on the job, participating in activities after work or simply doing chores at home. Athletic trainers can help reduce workers’ compensation cost, disability durations and improve your organization’s bottom line.

On-Site Services

Spectrum Health athletic trainers offer many services at your location including:
  • Injury management
  • On-site physical rehabilitation
  • Return-to-work assistance
  • Non-work injury management
  • Injury prevention
  • Work readiness/conditioning
  • Health and wellness programming
  • Education
  • Job coaching
  • Ergonomics

Orthopedic Evaluation

Athletic trainers perform full orthopedic or musculoskeletal exams to quickly diagnose the cause of injury or pain. Together with Spectrum Health Medical Group Orthopedics and Sports Medicine providers, our athletic trainers focus on helping your employees heal, improve their performance, prevent further injury and achieve their individual health goals.

Education and Prevention

Spectrum Health athletic trainers help your employees avoid injury and stay healthy with job-specific conditioning. They can help identify physical stressors and recommend individual job modifications so employees can perform their best.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work

After an injury, our athletic trainers can help your employees regain the ability and confidence to return to their full capacity at work as soon as possible.