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Our pre-employment screenings and post-offer assessments ensure candidates meet your qualifications and employees are ready for day one on the job.

Physical Exam

If you require or wish to provide a physical exam upon hire, we can provide the entire exam.
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Specialty Physicals

Our trained providers offer specialty physicals in accordance with your business needs including:
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)
  • Firefighter and public safety worker
  • Hazmat
  • Other specialty exams upon request

Pre-Screening Assessments

Determine whether the individual can do the essential and/or high-risk tasks before job placement. Our specialists analyze the applicant’s ability and can provide a comprehensive analysis and education to identify and correct potential pitfalls.
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Drug and Alcohol Screenings

Our specialized facilities and exacting collection procedures provide maximum privacy and convenience while minimizing chances of error or fraud. Procedures meet or exceed all federal requirements—whether you need to comply with government mandated guidelines or your own company policies.

For more information about drug and alcohol screenings, call 616.391.2778.
  • Available on-site at your location
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Drug Screen Program Management

Spectrum Health also offers comprehensive, DOT-compliant drug screen program management. We can manage every piece of consortium and random drug and alcohol tests for your company.
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

Free Online Access to Drug Screen Results

View test results using a free web-based portal available 24/7.
  • Track missed events, monitor the time of collection and follow the status online.
  • Receive negative test results within 15 minutes of completion.
  • Generate an electronic chain-of-custody form for non-regulated tests.
  • Create a variety of reports including statistics by analysis and reason for the test.

TB Screening/TB Skin Testing

Suggested for teachers, health care providers or vendors, employees who handle food or any employee who will work with a high-risk population.
  • Available on-site at your location
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations