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Funding Source Identification

Investigator-Initiated Research Grants from the Offices of Research Administration

The Spectrum Health Offices of Research Administration (ORA) is pleased to announce the Investigator-Initiated Research Grant (I-IRG) program.

The I-IRG supports eligible investigators in the development of innovative research projects and pilot studies. The program helps our PIs to “break in” to the field of externally funded investigator-initiated research through the generation of preliminary data; the accumulation of critical experience in proposal development, project implementation, and award management; and the building of internal and external collaborations with other investigators.

Prospective applicants should read FAQ and program guidelines. The I-IRG as well as other internal grants are available and individuals with interest in applying should contact the Office of Sponsored Programs with questions.

External Funding Opportunity Search Services

Finding funding opportunities that match your interests can be a daunting task; however, the Office of Sponsored Programs is here to help you. We can help you identify the federal, state, private, and/or internal sponsors who fund the kind of work you do. We can also help you identify specific funding opportunities that match your interests. The Office of Sponsored Programs can help find funding opportunities for research and programmatic projects.

Personalized Search: Do you have a project developed or in development but don’t know how to get funding to start it? If so, please fill out the OSP Funding Search Form including a brief summary and a few keywords that summarize your project. We will use this information to perform a search for funding opportunities that match your needs. When you have completed the form, please email it to

The Spectrum Health Research Department subscribes to this powerful funding opportunity database. SPIN is a Web-based search tool containing over 40,000 individual funding opportunities from more than 10,000 public and private sponsors. As a SPIN user, you will also receive daily emails containing new funding opportunities that match keywords you enter into the system. The license we have purchased allows only SH Research Department staff to access SPIN; Spectrum Health PIs must work through their Research Coordinator to access SPIN. To create a SPIN profile, follow the Instructions to Create your SPIN Account.