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Participant Benefits

One of the questions you have before agreeing to participate in a clinical research trial is the cost. It's important for us as well- we want you, as a consenting participant, to have a clear understanding of the costs you may face.

A clinical research trial has two types of costs:

  • Routine care costs
  • Research costs

Routine care costs are those costs that you would encounter if your care was not part of a clinical research trial. These costs can include, but are not limited to, approved medication(s) or device(s), doctor visits, clinical tests and clinical procedures. These costs are generally billed to you or your insurance.

Research costs are those costs that are due to participation in a clinical research trial. This can include, but is not limited to, experimental drug(s) or device(s), extra tests, extra procedures and research staff time. Participation sometimes includes extra travel, time or meals. Usually, these are covered by the research sponsor.

Have questions about which costs will be considered routine and which will be covered by the research sponsor as a part of your participation in a clinical trial? Ask your doctor for more specifics, or work with one of our research coordinators, to find out more.