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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men other than skin cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 241,740 cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2012. In West Michigan, prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer, after breast cancer.

Prostate cancer does not always produce symptoms, so the most common way to catch prostate cancer is by scheduling regular exams and screenings. The average age for a man to be diagnosed with prostate cancer is 67 years, but it is commonly detected in men in their fifties and occasionally in men younger than 50.

The good news is that, when detected early, prostate cancer is one of the most successfully treated cancers. Our prostate cancer treatments offer better survival rates three, four and five years after diagnosis than the national average, according to the National Cancer Database (NCDB).

At Spectrum Health, we have what it takes to fight prostate cancer—and win.


Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Multispecialty Team

Spectrum Health’s Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Multispecialty Team offers a comprehensive evaluation from experts representing their clinical areas. The team of specialists meets with the patient, evaluates the situation and develops a complete, tailored treatment plan. The treatment plan always includes the patient in the decision making.

Prostate Cancer Research

Spectrum Health urologists are involved in clinical and translational research for prostate and other genitourinary cancers, including the identification of genetic markers for prostate cancer, preventing prostate cancer through medical therapy, and promising new therapies for recurring prostate cancer.

In addition, we collaborate with the scientists at Van Andel Institute and clinicians at other clinical centers of excellence. This research allows Spectrum Health urologists to stay on the cutting edge of cancer care, as well as bringing state-of-the-art treatment to our patients.

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The Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Multispecialty Team meets twice a month. Appointments can be scheduled by the patient or referring physician. For scheduling and more information, call 616.486.5993.

Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Multispecialty Team
Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion
145 Michigan Street NE, Suite 4100
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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