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Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues

Spectrum Health offers a variety of services to identify risk factors and provide support for new mothers who may experience postpartum depression.

Our program is one of the first in the nation, and we feel it is one of the most important services we offer new mothers. Postpartum depression is highly treatable, and we want to ensure that no woman leaves the hospital without support and follow-up care.

Before You Leave the Hospital

New mothers who deliver a baby at Spectrum Health Family Birthplace will complete a Postpartum Depression Self-Assessment screening before going home. This questionnaire helps us to identify and address any risks for postpartum depression before they turn into problems.

Support After You Go Home

Sometimes when you are struggling as a new mom you may be too embarrassed or even afraid to tell someone what you are really thinking. Remember that postpartum depression is a real medical illness. By sharing your feelings with a professional, you can access the special support you may need during this challenging time. Your health care provider will be there to guide you toward recovery, and keep your information confidential.

People You Can Trust

  • Your personal health care provider (doctor/midwife/nurse practitioner)
  • The Spectrum Health Postpartum Emotional Support Program at 616.391.1771 (messages are checked once daily) can:
    • Answer your questions
    • Explain signs and symptoms
    • Provide postpartum depression resources in your area
    • Expedite doctor appointments or referrals to counselors
    • Provide a list of therapists who are specially trained in supporting new mothers with postpartum depression
    • Send you a postpartum depression information packet
  • A Spectrum Health postpartum support group
  • Network 180, available at 800.749.7720, offers referral and counseling services. Service referrals are provided to all women - whether you have private health insurance, Medicaid coverage or if you do not currently have health insurance.
  • For emergencies, call 911

For more information, call Spectrum Health Postpartum Emotional Support Program at 616.391.1771.

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