Treatments for Fibroids

Your Treatment Begins Here

Fibroids can be a pain, which is no news to you if you have them. The Spectrum Health gynecologists and specialized urogynecologists have years of experience treating fibroids. 

You will want to know for sure that it's a fibroid and if it's growing. You will also want to know if it can morph into something worse. We can answer those questions, and treat those fibroids. Let's team up to decide on the best treatment to help alleviate your fibroid pain. Start here with some fibroid treatments and how they work.

Treatments We Provide

Fibroid Myomectomy

This is the surgical removal of fibroids in the uterine lining, leaving the uterus in place. Fibroids do not regrow. However, new fibroids may develop.

Fibroid Removal

This minimally invasive procedure is also called a hysteroscopy (not to be confused with a hysterectomy). It removes fibroids protruding into the cavity of the uterus. A high-tech tube called a resectoscope destroys fibroids using electricity or a laser beam.

Fibroid Shrinking

This procedure uses a process called embolization. It means that tiny particles are injected into the arteries of the uterus. The particles cut off blood flow to the fibroid and cause it to shrink.


When other fibroid treatments haven't worked or are impossible because of the size of the fibroids, the uterus is removed either with or without the ovaries.


Birth control pills and other hormone therapy drugs can reduce the heavy bleeding and painful periods that can accompany fibroids. They do not prevent the growth of fibroids.