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Weight Loss and Exercise Programs

About our service

Spectrum Health nutrition services offers weight loss programs and exercise classes to help you lose weight safely, effectively and permanently. Classes are available at convenient locations and are offered on various days.

Programs We Offer

  • Eating the Mediterranean Way

    If you are tired of dieting, following impossible meal plans and not getting your desired results, eating the Mediterranean Way is the program for you. Learn how to eat real, healthy, whole, unprocessed foods for life and bring your health and weight back to its prime.

  • Intuitive Eating

    Learn how to make peace with food and free yourself from chronic dieting. Get to a natural weight that fits you! Intuitive Eating is a class series designed to help you learn how to eat mindfully and avoid emotional eating.

  • Yoga Exercise Classes

    A Kripalu yoga class is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels, and interests. No experience needed to join this class! Students notice the effects of practice from the first time they step onto their mats. Come to quiet your mind, relax your body, and leave with a sense of peace and well-being. It is recommended to bring a yoga mat with yoga block and strap. These can be purchased at many local stores or online. 

    Equipment can be borrowed if needed with advance notice.