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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

About Our Service

Thousands of people live with lung and breathing conditions, from asthma and bronchitis to COPD. Our pulmonary rehabilitation program connects you with the best respiratory therapists and exercise specialists in the region. Our goal is to help you to breathe easier, no matter what lung or respiratory condition you are battling. We'll help you find ways to breathe more deeply, manage breath function and strengthen the muscles that control your breathing.

Features of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Education

    We will help you understand how you can live to improve your life. We can help you with a long term plan of symptom relief. Then we'll help you put it into practice.

  • Exercise

    We'll help improve your ability to move and exercise, without running out of breath. Our workouts factor in your limitations, while still restoring your energy and strength.

  • Sustainable Support

    During rehab and post treatment, our dietitians and psychologists will continue to support you. We can help your body get progressively stronger and improve your outlook on life.