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Postpartum Depression Support

About Our Service

A bit of emotional ups and downs for a mom with a newborn is normal, but also serious―and we treat it that way. When you're not sure if it's just baby blues or postpartum depression, we're here to help. Postpartum depression is a medical condition that affects one in every five women after childbirth. 

We screen every new mother for postpartum depression before they leave the hospital. Adjusting to motherhood doesn't end when you leave our doors. Our emotional support program and many other support groups are available to get you the help you need. Don't be afraid to speak up for your own health, and your baby's, too.

Features of Postpartum Depression Support

  • Antidepressant Medicine

    ​Sometimes therapy and other support isn't enough. Your doctor works with you to determine the best medicine that's also safe for your baby.

  • Postpartum Depression Self-Assessment Screening

    Every mother is given a self-assessment screening before she leaves the hospital. Don't be afraid to ask questions or raise honest concerns. We're best able to help you with this medical condition when we know how you're feeling.