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Drivers Assessment Program

About Our Service

Our Purpose

• Evaluate patients’ ability to safely drive in their natural environment
• Provide rehabilitation in specific areas of driving impairment
• Occupational therapists administer an evaluation of each driver. Physical therapy and speech therapy are available on site for other rehabilitative needs.
• Assist families and patients with education and resources to promote lifelong community mobility


Spectrum Health Integrated Care Campus on East Beltline
2750 East Beltline Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone: 616.391.6249

How to refer to our services?

• Physician referral for occupational therapy - driver assessment
• Orders can be placed in Epic or via fax 616.391.6238
• To request more information, please call 616.391.6249

What is covered?

• Assessment battery is usually covered by most insurance plans
• There may be a fee associated with an on-road assessment