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CT Scans

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CT scans are more powerful than an X-ray alone because they combine X-rays with computer technology. The result is a series of cross-sectional images that look like "slices" of your body.

During a CT scan, you lay down on a table, which then slides you into a cylinder-like scanner. The X-ray tube slowly rotates around you, taking multiple images, which are made cross-sectional by a complex computer. This painless procedure lets your doctor see the size, shape and position of organs and tissues deep in your body.

Features of X-Ray

  • Myelogram

    A myelogram helps with X-ray or CT scan imaging, by injecting contrast dye into the spinal column. This process provides clearer answers about problems in the spinal column, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bone spurs or arthritic discs.