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Brain and Spine Tumor Center

About Our Service

What is the Spectrum Health Brain and Spine Tumor Center? Just down the block from the Spectrum Health Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, we are a combined team of cancer and neuroscience experts.

We work as a unit, seeing only patients facing complex brain or spine tumors. Our backgrounds unite every kind of brain/spine (neuro) and cancer medicine. This brings your family the most comprehensive, focused treatment possible. We meet as a whole to discuss each patient's case. This allows us to collectively consider many possibilities and come to agreement. We discuss all of this with you and together, we go forward.

We have other important team members, too, who help coordinate, diagnose and plan your care. With cancer radiologists, nurse navigators and other team members joining us, you have the benefit of our collective wisdom, focus and caring.

Another advantage of the Brain and Spine Tumor Center is that your treatment can be planned and coordinated faster. We connect you with new and emerging treatments. All this, and you're still close to home with your family.

Features Brain and Spine Tumor Center 

  • Screening and Diagnosis

    Spectrum Health offers the most advanced testing for brain cancer. Our brain cancer surgeons will confirm a diagnosis or give a second opinion. Their precise staging and tumor reports determine your strongest path to recovery.

  • Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board

    This group pulls together every doctor and member of your entire care team. Together, they agree on the best ways to treat your tumor, from every medical perspective. It's good to know we all come together to help you win.

  • Nurse Navigator Program

    You'll be connected with your own Spectrum Health dedicated brain/spine cancer nurse navigator. He or she coordinates your care and answers questions so you can focus on getting well.

  • Behavioral Oncology and Supportive Care

    Supporting your body, mind and spirit is another way you can take charge of your healing. Your family might benefit from a little help, too. We have coping and healing experts, holistic medicine and counseling for you and your family.  

  • Pituitary Tumor Clinic

    In one appointment, you'll meet with our endocrinologist, neuro-oncologist and skull base neurosurgeon. Together, we'll discuss and determine a care and treatment plan that addresses your symptoms and works for your lifestyle.