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Antiepileptic Medicine

Epilepsy can be treated with medicine and other strategies. Medication is usually needed to control seizures. Commonly prescribed drugs are called anticonvulsants.

Medicine alone won’t always stop or reduce seizures. If you don’t get relief from medicine alone, a device called a vagus nerve stimulator may help. The stimulator is surgically placed in the chest. It electrically stimulates a large nerve (the vagus nerve) that runs through the neck. This device successfully prevents seizures in some people, but even a vagus nerve stimulator may not stop all seizures.

Some doctors recommend a special diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates to help manage epilepsy. This is called a ketogenic diet. It may help more than half of people who haven't improved on medicine alone.

If you can't get good control over seizures with medicines, diet, or a vagus nerve stimulator, brain surgery might be an option.

Most people with epilepsy are able to manage their seizures with medicines and certain surgical techniques. But, epilepsy can't be cured. There's always a risk of having another seizure.