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Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Your Treatment Starts Here

When over-the-counter creams and medications don't seem to be helping, seeking treatment from a specialist for your hemorrhoids may be the next step. At Spectrum Health, our gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons specialize in treating hemorrhoids and bring a wealth of experience and treatment options, including sclerotherapy and minimally invasive surgery.

Treatments We Provide

  • Diet and Nutrition Counseling

    Even if you've tried dietary measures, talking to a dietitian may help. Our dietitians have more ways to boost fiber and fluids to help soften stools. Less strain means reduced pressure on your hemorrhoids.

  • Topical Prescription Medicine

    Your doctor can prescribe stronger topical and swelling relievers. There are other medicines that can speed relief from irritation, too. Let's find the best ones for you.

  • Stool Softeners

    Stool softeners and fiber supplements may help. Your doctor can prescribe stronger options if you've had little luck with over-the-counter brands.

  • Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids Surgery

    This minimally invasive procedure is also called a stapled hemorrhoidopexy. What you need to know is that it results in less pain and shorter hospital stays.