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Treatments for Osteosarcoma

We quickly conduct the tests needed to make a conclusive diagnosis. The whole team of cancer specialists is brought together in one place for one appointment with you and your family. 

The team will discuss the treatment options that are best for your personal solution and answer any questions you may have. You will leave with a detailed verbal and written care plan, a road map for your cancer treatment. 

Treatments We Provide

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is usually required both before and after surgery. Chemotherapy destroys pockets of osteosarcoma cells in the body, including those too small to show on X-ray scans.

  • External Radiation Therapy

    Radiation using high-energy X-rays may be used in addition to surgery, or afterward, to ensure that any remaining osteosarcoma cells have been destroyed.

  • Highly Specialized Osteosarcoma Surgery

    Surgery can often remove bone cancer. Wherever possible, we use the most innovative surgical techniques that try to avoid amputation and allow a "limb-sparing" procedure.

  • Localized Radiation

    Localized radiation can attack specific osteosarcoma cells that may remain after surgery. It has fewer side effects than conventional radiation.

  • Radiation Oncology

    An entire team of medical professionals with advanced training and years of experience deliver radiation treatment and care. Together, they continually work on ways to make radiation therapy more effective while at the same time preventing side effects.