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Treatments for Parkinson's Disease

Your Treatment Begins Here

Parkinson's disease can be fickle, but it can also be managed so that you can enjoy your life. Let us help you find the right treatment to relieve your symptoms. When medicine isn’t enough, we have experts in new procedures, like deep brain stimulation, to improve your comfort and mobility. Another amazing breakthrough is delivering dopamine to your brain to keep critical nerve cells healthy.

You can be sure that if there is something new just around the corner, we're already there to bring it to you. Our memory and movement disorder teams are ready to help you feel your best. Begin to understand and feel comfortable with your treatment options here.

Treatments We Provide

  • Deep Brain Stimulation

    Deep brain stimulation is a surgical device that sends electrical signals to the areas of the brain. It may help reduce your symptoms.

  • Medication Pump

    Precise amounts of dopamine are delivered through a surgically-implanted pump to the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Dopamine helps regulate movement.

  • Neuro Rehabilitation

    Our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts don't just work on improving your physical function. We understand that neurological connections with your brain and your nerves affect your physical, cognitive and emotional health. Our holistic approach brings you greater success.

  • Parkinson's Disease Medicine

    Medicine is available to help you manage your symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Most are quite successful. Medicine helps offset the loss of the chemical dopamine in the brain.