Spectrum Health Ostomy Clinic

Spectrum Health Ostomy Clinic

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The Spectrum Health ostomy clinic is an independent clinic where specially trained wound, ostomy, continence (WOC) nurses help patients with ostomy management and skin issues. The clinic provides a place for patients, who may otherwise be sent to an emergency room, to receive specialized care for stoma and peristomal complications and product concerns. Clinical services include:

  • Feeding tube skin care concerns
  • Fistula pouching
  • Nationally certified WOC nurses with more than 50 combined years of experience
  • Ongoing support to introduce new products for changing needs
  • Patient scheduling and billing
  • Physician involvement in patient care
  • Preoperative patient education in ostomy care
  • Special care related to skin issues

What's an Ostomy?
An ostomy is a surgical procedure that connects an area inside your body to the outside. Most often, an ostomy involves part of your bowel or bladder. This connection creates an opening in your skin called a stoma. An ostomy allows stool or urine to bypass an injured or diseased part of your digestive system.

Ostomies typically are performed on the large or small intestine, or urinary tract. After surgery, your stools or urine will drain into an odor-proof pouch attached with adhesive to the skin around your ostomy.

Ostomy Facts

  • Up to 1 million people in the United States and Canada have an ostomy.
  • Around 113,000 ostomies are performed each year in the United States.
  • An ostomy may be permanent or temporary. 

Benefits of a Specialty ClinicWound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society
The area of health care that provides ostomy care and other related treatments is called wound, ostomy and continence care. It is important to have someone who specializes in ostomy treatment care for you and your ostomy, and teach you what you need to know.

Our specially trained WOC nurses have in-depth knowledge of ostomy care and experience helping patients effectively manage ostomies and return to normal life. Here are some reasons to work with health care professionals who specialize in ostomy:

  • Optimal care and management for WOC patients can lead to better medical outcomes, faster recovery and a return to normal activities.
  • A WOC program can result in shorter hospital stays and fewer emergency room visits.
  • Convenient care from skilled nurses can improve your comfort and reduce complication.
  • Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, a medical journal, has reported that when a WOC nurse is involved with the care of an ostomy patient, the patient, family and medical team all benefit. 

Ostomy Clinic Contact Information
Phone number: 616.391.8635
Toll free number: 800.728.0832
Click for more information on location and directions.

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