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Celebrating Spectrum Health Patients
Chloe - Osteochondritis Dissecans of Elbow
What Shane Uson saw when Matthew Axtman, DO, an orthopaedic sports medicine specialist with Spectrum Health Medical Group, showed him x-ray images of his daughter Chloe’s elbow looked like fragments of floating bone. ...
Ceaira - Scoliosis
Twenty-three years old, but Ceaira Lowe sometimes felt like she was 90. Her friends loved to go shopping at the mall, and, sure, she would go along, wanting to be one of the group—but after a short while of walking, she...
Edward - Knee Replacement
He was #40931, and Edward Dublis walked proud, wearing a bright blue shirt for all to read: “I got my knees from Dr. Lebolt on January 14, 2013.” Today, that blue shirt hangs, framed and behind glass, among a row...
Bill - Knee Revision Surgery
On June 15 (2011), I had the good fortune of having Dr. Susan Day do a surgical revision of my left knee at Blodgett Hospital.  Having previously been a patient of Zeeland Community Hospital, I told Dr. Day that I would...
Nancy - Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement
At age 56, high school teacher and Grand Rapids resident Nancy Bruinsma felt she was just too young to give up the things she loved because of severe knee pain. Traveling abroad. Walking the dog. Cross-country skiing. Hiking ...
Marie - Ankle Replacement
When most people think of joint replacement, they think of hips and knees. Now ankles are fast becoming a candidate for replacement. This year, 4,400 patients are expected to undergo surgery to replace arthritic or injur...
Walter - Ortho Trauma
On May 3, 2009, Walter Catton was hit by an SUV while riding his bike near his Holland home. He was airlifted to Spectrum Health where our trauma team was able to repair his broken body.  See his ama...
Doty, Kevin, Peggy, Rich - Osteoporosis
Hear the testimonials of several Grand Rapids area men and women who tell what it's like discovering and living with osteoporosis.   ...
Ruth - Knee Replacement
Three years ago, Wyoming resident Ruth Farney, 71, would come home from work, take the maximum amount of over-the-counter pain medicine she could for her sore left knee, and call it a day. At the time, Ruth worked as a cook a...
Joint Replacement Patients
Take a moment to listen to the inspiring stories of our patients whose quality of life improved dramatically following joint replacement surgery.  They came to the Center for Joint Replacement seeking relief from severe join...
I traveled all the way from Chugiak, Alaska to get my total knee replacement from Dr. DeMaagd! I spent time in Grand Rapids some time ago when my sister had knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. DeMaagd. I was so impress...
Taking into consideration my daughter's inherent apprehension about all things medical, and her requirements that (knee) surgery and hospitalization involve no blood, no needles, and no pain, the staff did an outstanding job ...
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