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When Getting Pregnant Is Difficult

Infertility affects about 12 percent of couples of childbearing age. Infertility is not just a woman's concern—both men and women can have infertility risk factors. In fact, male infertility is the contributing cause of infertility in about 50 percent of infertile couples. About one-third of infertile couples have more than one cause or factor related to their inability to conceive.

Spectrum Health offers testing and treatment options that help couples achieve their goal of growing a family. Our physicians are committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive infertility care.

Services Offered

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Surrogacy/gestational carrier
  • Embryo donors
  • Embryo recipients
  • Egg donor information
  • Embryo donor information
  • Donor sperm
  • Tubal sterilization reversal
  • Ovulation induction
  • Male infertility treatment
  • Fertility preservation

Infertility and Reproductive Medicine

Obstetrics and gynecology specialists who specialize in reproductive infertility have an additional three to four years of clinical training to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of infertile couples (female and male).

For more information, contact a Spectrum Health Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility specialist.

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