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School Health Program

School Health Program

Healthy, Safe and Ready to Learn


Our School Health Program uses health care as a tool to improve student learning and the health of the communities we serve. Students learn best when they feel their best, so the School Health Program helps keep students healthy, in school and ready to learn. Our results speak for themselves—this program improves attendance and reduces chronic absenteeism.  

This unique collaboration between Spectrum Health and area schools puts health care teams in local schools to provide on-site clinical services and health education. Since 1995, the program has successfully solved health issues on-site by offering health care teams of school nurses, community health care workers and school personnel to manage acute illnesses, injuries and an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease. The program also provides preventive services and improved immunization compliance.

The School Health Program improves the general health and well-being of students while promoting school attendance and learning. This improves educational outcomes as exemplified by higher high school graduation and college entry rates, as well as greater workplace readiness.

 Additionally, the program strives to stay current through telecommunications technologies. The goal of this pilot program is to provide services that deliver the same health care outcomes of quality and safety to rural and other communities with low-density populations.

Program Service Model Options

Consultative/Educational Service Model
A professional registered nurse (RN) educates and supports trained school personnel who provide daily direct services to students. Dependent upon location and need, consultative access to an RN may occur on-site, via phone and/or through virtual connectivity.

Direct/Comprehensive Service Model
Overseen by the professional RN, a team of health care providers may include community health workers, medical assistants, paramedics and/or licensed practical nurses who deliver direct services to students. Teams are formed on the basis of student health acuity levels and needs of the school district. Access to an RN may occur on-site, via phone and/or through virtual connectivity.

Details about our service model options.

Virtual Access

Telehealth is using technology to bridge the distance between schools and a registered nurse. Virtual connectivity saves time, increases access and provides real-time consultation with a health professional using a webcam anywhere you have a strong Internet connection.


Services are available to all schools that choose to participate in the School Health Advocacy Program.

Why Choose the School Health Program?

  • Award-winning program with over 20 years of experience providing health services in schools
  • Access to guidelines, resources, training and experienced health providers for support
  • Assistance with identifying and prioritizing the most critical health and safety issues

Impact: Reduced Absenteeism Through Access to Care

  • 97% met current immunization requirements to attend school
  • 98% of problems were resolved on-site by the school health care team

Read Stella's story.

Participating School Districts

Beginning in one school in 1995, the School Health Program has expanded to serve more than 29,000 students in seven districts:

  • Cedar Springs Public Schools
  • Comstock Park Public Schools
  • Godfrey-Lee Public Schools
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Greenville Public Schools
  • Northview Public Schools
  • Montcalm Area Intermediate School District

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